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We are dedicated to energy security and sustainability, and we are learning how these values can be promoted using Maine's wood resources. We are conversing with the residents of Hancock County in order to understand how homes are heated and how forests are treated, and composing a vision of security and sustainability for the future.

10/30/11 “Modern Consumer Families and  Self-reliant Maine Yankees: Two Cultures of Residential Heating”, draft paper To view it, go the link at the left for Reports and Data and scroll to the bottom for attachments.

8/31/11 Moises Flores Baca has edited a series of videos profiling different community members ideas and practices with regard to heating available on this website at: http://www.firewoodproject.org/neighbor-profiles

5/13/11 Ron Beard hosted an hour long radio show on WERU interviewing Gray Cox, Don Cass, Steve Wagner and Nick Harris about the project and discussing it with phone callers. The show is archived at:  http://archives.weru.org/talk-of-the-towns/talk-of-the-towns-51311

4/15/11 “Pechakucha Presentation to UMO EPSCOR Conference”, Orono, April 15th, 2011  To view it, click the  Firewood Project Blog tab.

3/16/11 “Developing Our Energy Future: Residential Heating With Wood in Hancock County, Maine”, powerpoint presentation to the March 16th, 2011 Maine Water Conference, Augusta. To view it, click the Firewood Project Blog tabb.

7/14/10 Craig Ten Broeck's "Report on Residential Energy Use in Hancock County Maine and Renewable Energy Options" is now online. To view it, click the Firewood Project Blog tab.


"Trees grow every day. You only get oil once."                                                        -Somesville Resident

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